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12 Automotive Myths and Lies People Still Believe

Hand holding three wooden blocks that spell out lie

Hand holding three wooden blocks that spell out lie Don’t fall for automotive lies | iStock.com

Remember when Frau Farbissina in Austin Powers would scream, “LIES!” every time someone made a disparaging remark? This is how we feel when we hear yet another person talking about how there “ain’t no replacement for displacement” or how oil changes need to be conducted every 3,000 miles in order to keep a car’s engine from exploding.

The internet has given myths and misinformation a new home, with “trustworthy forum sources” replacing common sense and good old-fashioned research. Many people still believe handmade vehicles are superior to robot-built automobiles and that tire compounds don’t matter as long as they fit the wheel.

No one seems to read anymore. And when they do, it always seems like gossip is more of a priority than properly sourced information. On the flip side, some car owners tend to err on the side of caution too much, over-servicing their vehicles and following false maintenance schedules set in place by greedy corporations and dealerships.

Whatever the cause, we feel it’s time to expose a few of the more gregarious automotive myths and lies people still believe. In the autos realm, myths tend to focus on false information passed down generation to generation. Lies, on the other hand, are intentionally contrived to deceive, often to garner a particular reaction or to swindle someone out of some money. Don’t fall for falsehoods, people. Misinformation is everywhere, and here are 12 prime examples of fallacies too many people believe.

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