12 Common Hair Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Locks

Having dry, brittle hair isn’t always down to genetics — the cause of your damage could actually be due to everyday, common mistakes. Everything from which styling tools you use to the shampoo you buy, or even how you sleep can hugely impact the health of your hair. What’s more, hair damage isn’t always the result of what you’re doing — it can primarily come down to what you’re not doing. Take our advice and adjust these simple hair care mistakes to return your locks to their optimum shine and strength.

1. Regularly blow drying

hair dresser drying brown hair with hair dryer

hair dresser drying brown hair with hair dryer Blow drying will damage your hair. |

If you’re someone who prefers to shower in the morning, you likely rely on a blow dryer to style your hair before leaving the house. Despite the convenience and effectiveness of blow dryers, the extreme heat from this tool causes the moisture within your strands to bubble. Bustle explains this stresses and breaks your hair. The results are split ends, dryness, and breakage. Instead of blow drying your hair, try towel drying with styling products. Or, use your blow dryer on its coolest setting.

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