12 Most Expensive American Cars Ever Sold


1966 SHELBY COBRA 427 "SUPER SNAKE" American cars commanding the highest prices at auction tend to have elite racing cred | Barrett-Jackson

A Tesla Model S P100D can run over $140,000 after options. A Chevrolet Corvette Z06 can fall easily within the $100,000 range after a walk through the accessories menu. Meanwhile, Ford’s new GT should punch through the $400,000 barrier. In short, these three fine specimens make for very pricey American automobiles, but those figures hardly represent a drop in the bucket compared to prices for the most coveted American rides.

Since 2004, the top 12 began around the $4 million mark and soared skyward. When viewing the list of legendary race cars, symbols of American automotive might, super-luxury rides of the 1930s, and even the original Batmobile, the value of these classic American cars begins making sense. Some of the most expensive auctioneered cars in the world are Ferraris, but with those (and other European cars) out of the equation, how do American cars stand up?

A hat-tip to Autoblog for compiling a list of the American-branded cars that landed the highest amounts ever at auction, and we thought we’d update it and bring in the new champion. Here are the top 12 from lowest price to highest price of all time. Special thanks to the auction houses for the background information on their gorgeous lots.

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