12 Weird Things Celebrities Have Said About Filming Their Sex Scenes

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Game of Thrones | HBO

There are quite a few actors who simply refuse to get naked in front of a camera. One reason why is that actors want to keep some parts of themselves private. After all, when you’re a famous celebrity, it can be hard enough to maintain a sense of privacy even without exposing every inch of your body to the world. But another big reason actors avoid filming sex scenes is because pretending to have sex for a film can actually be a very awkward experience.

What the moviegoer perceives as a private moment between two people onscreen is really something that is being awkwardly staged in front of an array of cameras and bright lights, and in the presence of many crew members. Despite all the downsides though, there are still many actors who will film sex scenes for the sake of their art (or for a fat paycheck).

So what did some of these actors have to say about their experiences filming these sex scenes? Here are 12 things actors have said about pretending to do the deed in front of a camera.

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