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12 Year Old Boy Shot Playing With A TOY GUN??!

In the wake of protest across the country, from Eric Garner and Michael Brown, you would think the police would lay off killing young African American men for awhile? Boy, was I wrong.

A 12 year-old boy from Cleveland, named Tamir Rice, was fatally shot by a Cleveland police officer after playing with, GET THIS, a toy gun on a playground. The family of the 12 year- old boy have filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the officer recklessly shot the boy and failed to give him immediate care.

The police were responding from a call from someone who said that a individual was waving a gun around in a playground. However, the caller mentioned that the gun could be fake and the individual could be a juvenile yet this crucial information was not relayed to the officers.

The video surveillance shows police officers shooting the young boy within 2 seconds of the patrol car arriving at the scene. The thing that really bothers me is that is truly necessary to KILL the young boy? Without confronting him at least, getting all the facts, or even using enough sense to access the situation to see that he was playing with a toy gun? In addition, newly released documents show that the Cleveland police officer who killed the young boy has been deemed unsuited for police service. So now the question becomes why was this man even at the scene? Why is he a police officer when it was known 2 YEARS AGO that he was not suited for police work? The more information that is known about this, the more it looks like murder.

If all the facts had been known before the police officers had arrived at the scene and if they were given a briefing of the situation, this young 12 year old boy could still be with us today. Unfortunately, he is now dead by the hands of the police, those who are sworn to protect us yet seem to be committing the most murders.

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