Home News 12-Year-old Girl Poisons Mom for Confiscating her iPhone

12-Year-old Girl Poisons Mom for Confiscating her iPhone

A 12 year old girl in Boulder, Colorado responded even more harshly to her punishent of having her cellphone taken away, by trying to poison her own mother. The girl attempted twice to poison her mother by putting bleach in a smoothie she gave her and also in a glass of water that was left in her bedroom. The girl’s mother smelled the bleach in each of the glasses, but only assumed that it was from them being cleaned. The mother began feeling ill after drinking it, but eventually was fine and hadn’t assumed that she was being poisoned by her child. After the second incident, the mother decided to confront her daughter, who responded truthfully, by stating that she was trying to poison her for taking away her iPhone. The case is currently under investigation by Commander Heidi Prentup and the 12-year old girl is now in the custody of police, facing two charges of attempted first degree murder.