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14 Marvel and DC Superheroes Who Should Fight Each Other

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice may have been a disappointment for many, but the world still bought tickets in droves to see it because it fulfilled one of our most basic pop-culture desires: to see our favorite heroes fight one another for supremacy. Heroes fighting heroes generally doesn’t make a lot of sense, but when it comes to comic books, there’s always some suitable pretext that can be made up on the spot, as demonstrated by the bizarre leaps in logic BvS takes in order to pit its two caped heroes against each other.

The problem is that most high-profile DC characters have already been the subject of a dozen-plus crossovers and face-offs throughout their comic book history. Things gets a little more interesting when you throw the characters of their rival studio Marvel into the mix, however. To indulge our desire to see our most upstanding citizens beat the living crap out of each other, we’re listing seven inter-studio fights we’d like to see.

1. Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow


hawkeye.jpg Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye | Marvel Films

Let’s get the lamest one out of the way first. Each comic book universe has its own marksman archer, a skill that’s impressive in real life but decidedly boring next to an indestructible alien or an unstoppable green monster. The ensuing battle between Marvel’s Hawkeye and DC’s Green Arrow would likely involve a lot of long-distance combat and trick arrow shots, before Green Arrow manages to subdue Hawkeye by fighting just a little dirtier.

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