14 of the Most Outrageous Celebrity Purchases

Do you feel guilty about that recent shopping trip you took? You might not feel so bad after reading about some of the ridiculous items celebrities buy. It’s evident that a little bit of fame and fortune can ruin perfectly good common sense. Once some celebrities reach a certain level of fame and income, they start to forget how to manage their money. What do they spend their cash on? We’ll give you a peek inside celebrity spending habits. Here are 14 of the most outrageous celebrity purchases.

1. Rihanna

Rihanna smiling on the red carpet

Rihanna smiling on the red carpet Rihanna is serious about her hair. | Jason Kempin/Getty Images for The Clara Lionel Foundation

  • Outrageously priced purchase: Hair styling
  • Cost: More than $1 million a year

Hair care is a big deal for most women. One celebrity who is pretty serious about keeping her tresses in top condition is Rihanna. The singer reportedly spends more than $1 million a year on her hair. It’s hard to say what prompted the wild thoughts in Rihanna’s head that caused her to think this was a reasonable amount to spend on her hair. On the bright side, her hair stylist, Ursula Stephen, is likely living a more comfortable life thanks to Rihanna’s patronage.

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