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15 Cars That Became Political Icons

Geopolitical drama!

International intrigue!

As a planet, we’re living through some tumultuous times. But while the world’s leaders clash over the future of diplomacy, we’re compelled to ask: What do they drive?

Official cars are some of the most visible symbols of any government. These cars are chosen to give a sense of power, strength, and professionalism at home and abroad while still conveying a sense of their country’s national identity. All this adds up to a difficult proposition for automakers. With a long list of do’s and don’ts, many of these cars are scrutinized and built for conditions that most civilian cars would never face. Sometimes an automaker rises to the occasion and builds a timeless, elegant classic. Others emerge as strange, dated curiosities that are analyzed as everything that’s wrong with their home country. 


2364 The Mercedes-Benz 600 could be the most popular and long-serving state car in the world | Mercedes-Benz

Hit or miss, these exclusive cars serve as some of their countries’ most visible exports. From the elegant to the bizarre, here are 15 of the most memorable official cars that ever served on the world stage.