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15 Foods You Should Not Eat in the Office

If you work full time, you probably bring food to the office to get you through the day. Some of the best foods to boost productivity include eggs, bananas, and even tea and wine. But as important as productivity is, you should avoid bringing certain foods to work. Bringing messy foods can result in a lot of cleanup and potential embarrassment. Bringing foods with a strong smell also can be a bad idea. And sticky foods can cause temporary peril, as well. Here are 15 foods to avoid at work.

1. Barbecue

Grilled pork ribs

Grilled pork ribs Barbecue is a messy endeavor. | iStock.com

If you’re outside or in the safety of your own home, a quality barbecue meal can be a wonderful treat. But barbecue isn’t the best choice for work because it is extremely messy. In addition to potentially destroying your clothes, if you are eating in a shared environment your co-workers might not enjoy watching you eat such a messy food. If you must have ribs at work, use a knife and fork. Also, be prepared to run to the bathroom to clean your hands and face.

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