15 Greatest New England Patriots of All Time

Tom Brady looks for a target.

Tom Brady looks for a target. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time | Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

New England is one of the greatest sports franchises of the last 20 years. They rank up there with the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Red Sox, and all the other teams to win several championships since the turn of the century.

The Pats have been to the Super Bowl seven times since 2001, rising to prominence in the national discussion. But New England has a rich football history as well, with many other great players beyond just the quarterback currently leading the team. We apologize to such greats as Ben Coates, Steve Nelson, Steve Grogan, and Rob Gronkowski; here are the 15 greatest New England Patriots of all time.

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