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15 Gross and Disturbing Things Hotels Do to Save Money

man arrives in hotel room

man arrives in hotel room Has this hotel cut corners? | iStock.com/kzenon

You cut corners at work. Businesses cut corners, too. It’s all about padding those margins and maximizing revenue. Although we’re all vaguely aware of this fact to some degree, it rarely causes our gag reflex to engage. But in some select settings it can. At restaurants gross, unethical behavior can actually cause you physical harm. And at hotels corners are cut with alarming frequency.

At some point, we all have a bad experience at a hotel. That’s when it becomes clear to us that maybe the employees or management of the hotel aren’t giving it their all. They’re trying to save time and money. They’re cutting corners a little too close, and the results are a scathing TripAdvisor review.

Don’t worry too much, though, as the vast majority of hotels are staffed with professionals who take their jobs seriously. But things do happen, and sometimes guests end up in a surprising — or disgusting — situation. Here are some of the grossest things hotels will do to save time and money.

1. The glasses in your room? They just get a quick rinse

Every room you’ve ever slept in has, in all likelihood, come with a couple of cups or glasses. Most of us need a drink of water, and as such drinking glasses have become standard in hotel rooms. But did you know those glasses are often not cleaned or replaced? Hauling all of those cups to the dishwasher would be a chore, and housekeepers will often just wipe them down and rinse them out.

Next: We head to the bed.

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