15 Job Interview Questions You Should Always Ask

As your job interview comes to a close, you breathe a small sigh of relief, happy this stressful situation is almost over. Your interviewer then asks whether you have any questions. Resist the urge to say, “No.” Sure, you want to leave, so you can reduce your stress level. But it’s never wise to exit without asking a few questions.

On his blog The Interview Guys, career expert Mike Simpson said a job interview is similar to a date. There should be some give and take as you learn about each other and whether you’d be a good fit. “Like any good date, shouldn’t you try to learn a little bit more about the position and company before you decide to accept the job if they offer it to you? Of course! How else are you going to find out if it really is a job you want to do?” Simpson said.

Your questions could make or break your chances of getting the job. So use this time to your advantage, and ask questions that will make the hiring team take note of you. Here are 15 questions you need to ask at a job interview if you want to make a good impression.

1. What’s the biggest change your group has gone through in the past year?

interview in "Office Space"

interview in "Office Space" Find out what the company’s goals are. | 20th Century Fox

Ask whether the company feels like things are getting better or worse and how it plans to handle either scenario. Ask how the company is changing, so you can gain a better perspective of its goals and values. The interviewer’s answer will offer insight into what type of employee they’re looking for.

Career expert Marc Cenedella said it’s important to show an interest in where the company is headed, and learn how you can help it get there. “By asking these questions, which focus on the needs, traits, and preferences of your future boss and future employer, you’re demonstrating that you are somebody who is genuinely interested in their well-being,” Cenedella said.

Next: It’s OK to focus on you a little bit, too.

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