15 Overrated Honeymoon Destinations Not Worth the Hype

If you’ve just said, “I do,” then the stressful part is over. Now, it’s time for you to enjoy the married life on your honeymoon. You’re bound to have a blast on any vacation, but your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to rest, relax, and enjoy the one you love most. There are plenty of popular honeymoon destinations that offer great deals on flights, sleeping accommodations, and food. But you’ll want to know which of these spots are worth your time and money. These popular honeymoon destinations might seem like a great idea. But they are actually a bust in real life.

1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in Canada

Niagara Falls in Canada Niagara Falls in Canada |

What better way to celebrate your honeymoon than at the honeymoon capital of the world? Today Magazine explains since the 1900s, Niagara Falls has been touted as the absolute best place to visit when celebrating your post-wedding bliss. The beautiful waterfalls and cute, small town make an amazing place for tourists and honeymooners alike. And because plenty of famous faces stayed in the area for their honeymoons, it seems like you should follow suit.

As beautiful as the waterfalls are, the town of Niagara Falls is packed with tourists, other honeymooners, and small souvenir kiosks. The magical feeling of the falls feel overrun by the tourism. And with so many other couples celebrating the same way you are, it’s hard to feel like your honeymoon is special. If you’re looking for a more intimate place and an opportunity to connect with your loved one, we suggest passing on this one.

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