15 Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets That Are Nothing But a Waste of Money

The reason you can’t cook anything more than cereal is because you don’t have the proper tools, right? The only thing separating you from Instagram-worthy plated dishes are those crazy kitchen gadgets you don’t own. Or maybe you’ve watched a few cooking shows on Food Network, and now you feel you’re ready to compete against Bobby Flay in an epic throwdown. All you need to go head to head are the tools to back you up.

The infomercials and TV ads about the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets can be quite convincing. They promise to change your life — all while saving you time and money — for the low, low price of $9.99. But wait! Most of these gadgets are a complete waste of money. Although they advertise novel and inventive cooking methods, you should think twice before purchasing any of the kitchen gadgets on this list. Here are 15 of the most outlandish products you must avoid at all costs

1. Fat Magnet

Fat Magnet

Fat Magnet In theory, fat magnets seem smart, but they’re a kitchen gadget better left on the shelf. |

  • Price: $14.99
  • Reviews: 2.4 out of 5 stars

Once the words “fat free” and “low fat” were introduced to the world, everyone wanted a new and improved way to remove extra fat from their diets. Thank goodness kitchen gadgets, such as the Fat Magnet, were introduced to society. This tool attracts all the unhealthy fat from your soups and stews, allowing you to skim it away. Just freeze the tool first, and its metal plate should grab the fat from the top of the dish. Unfortunately, most consumer reviews are negative, claiming the magnet is a joke and a complete waste of money.

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