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15 States Where Women Are Paid the Least

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Payday can be a time to rejoice or a time when you cross your fingers and pray you’ll be able to make it to the next without running out of cash. For some women, the latter is their reality. There has been a lot of buzz in the past couple of years concerning the pay gap between men and women. Studies have shown men tend to outpace women when it comes to salary.

The National Women’s Law Center put together a map to show where women are typically paid the least compared to what men are paid. The findings show inequality can be seen not only when it comes to gender but also race. The map breaks down the pay gap for the general population as well as by racial group. Here are the 15 states where women are paid the least.

 15. Kansas

  • What women overall get paid for every dollar a man gets: 76.6 cents
  • What black women make: 63.6 cents
  • What Latina women make: 51.3 cents
  • What Native American women make: 63.1 cents
  • What Asian women make: 71.1 cents
  • What white women make: 74.3 cents

All women in Kansas make an average of 76.6 cents for every dollar a man makes. Latinas make the least when it comes to wages in this state. White women, on the other hand, make slightly more than other races in this state. The minimum wage for Kansas is $7.25 per hour.