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15 Things a Boss Should Never Ask an Employee

You’d expect inappropriate questions from your co-workers, but sometimes your boss can be the source of questions you’re not interested in answering. How do you know what’s appropriate and what’s not? We’ll tell you which questions to watch out for and why. Here are 15 things a boss should never ask an employee.

1. Do you want to see a photo of me in my workout clothes?

shirtless muscled man

shirtless muscled man Your boss should save the personal photos for friends and family. | iStock.com

The presence of smartphones with cameras has made everyone a photographer of sorts. Unfortunately, that sometimes means being shown pictures you’d rather not see. It’s OK if your boss wants to show you a few vacation photos. But things start to get weird when you’re shown pictures of your manager in various stages of undress.

It’s great your boss is proud of his or her physique, but there are limits when it comes to what is and isn’t appropriate to share at work. And it’s better if those photos of your manager in tight, sweaty workout clothes are reserved for friends and family.

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