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15 Things You Should Never Buy at Whole Foods

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Amazon is buying Whole Foods. What does that mean for fans of the store some like to call “Whole Paycheck”? The deal could trigger lower prices for shoppers at the natural and organic supermarket, CNBC speculated, and the online and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences could become more seamlessly integrated. Others warn the deal will actually mean fewer choices for consumers.

Good or bad, any changes that are going to happen — both at Whole Foods stores and for supermarkets in general — won’t occur overnight. In the meantime, shoppers will still be asking, “Should I be spending my hard-earned dollars at Whole Foods?”

The answer is: It depends. Prices on some Whole Foods items are actually competitive with stores, such as Target and Safeway, an analysis by MarketWatch found. Staples, including milk, jarred marinara sauce, bread, and canned black beans, were in line with prices at competing chains. Yet other items on Whole Foods shelves were as much as 40% more expensive than similar products at other stores. If you’re looking to trim your Whole Foods shopping list and save some money, skip these 15 items, which just aren’t worth it if you’re on a budget.

1. Beef

Beef is rarely a bargain meat, and that’s especially true at Whole Foods. Ground beef was twice as expensive at Whole Foods compared to Trader Joe’s, Safeway, and Target, the 2016 Marketwatch analysis found. One caveat: The beef at Whole Foods was organic, compared to the conventionally raised meat at the other stores.

Overall, meat at Whole Foods was 50% more expensive than other supermarkets, according to an analysis by Wedbush Securities, Business Insider reported.

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