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15 TV Show Restaurants You Can Eat at in Real Life

Have you ever watched an episode of your favorite TV show and wished you could walk right into the coffee shop, diner, or restaurant where all the action seems to happen? For many series, that’s only possible if you work at an LA sound stage. But for others, you’re in luck. Sure, Central Perk might be fictional. And Luke’s Diner might have just been a pop-up. But whether you wish you could eat with the Seinfeld gang, want to spot the hipsters who frequent Ray’s coffee shop in Girls, or crave a late-night meal à la House of Cards, you can definitely make that happen.

Check out some of the iconic TV show restaurants you can eat at in real life.

1. Cheers from Cheers

Cheers Boston

Cheers Boston You can raise a pint at the bar that inspired Cheers. | Cheers Boston via Instagram

Love Cheers just as much as you love a good beer? Then, the next time you’re in Boston, you’ll need to stop by the bar that inspired the TV show. Zagat notes the staff at the real-life Cheers in Beacon Hill won’t know your name. And the interior of the bar doesn’t look like what you saw on TV. But Cheers will serve up delicious “pub grub.”

The National Trust for Historic Preservation notes the bar is located in the basement of the historic Hampshire House, and “served as the establishing shot throughout the show’s 11 seasons on air (from 1982 to 1993).” But as a 1985 story in the Chicago Tribune noted, the show’s popularity “brewed trouble” for patrons of the real-life watering hole, which quickly became a tourist attraction.