15 Unexpected and Practical Ways You Can Use Marijuana

Marijuana is held in a clenched fist near the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Marijuana is held in a clenched fist near the Capitol in Washington D.C. Marijuana isn’t just for smoking. | Mandel Ngan/Getty Images

For millions of Americans, marijuana is a recreational release. For millions more, it’s a potent and powerful medicine, helping alleviate the symptoms of dozens of health issues. And with pot legalization on the minds and agendas of many people, marijuana might become a daily staple, in some form or another, for tens of millions more in coming years.

But cannabis is much more than a tool for getting high. We’re still unraveling the complexities of the marijuana plant and finding new and ingenious ways to use it all the time. This is one of the reasons some people — even those who have traditionally opposed marijuana consumption on moral grounds — are starting to see the light. The green light, that is.

Besides the cannabis plant’s leaves and buds, the green denotes the enormous potential for profit. With marijuana legalization comes business opportunities. And by learning to exploit the numerous uses of the cannabis plant, money will be made, jobs will be created, and consumers will benefit.

So what are some of those lesser-known uses? We all know marijuana is used as a medicine, but it might still be a mystery as to how, exactly, it’s used. And what about outside of the world of health? Can marijuana do anything for your dog or cat? Or enhance your sex life? The answer is yes — and there are many other uses, too.

Let’s take a closer at 15 lesser-known uses for marijuana.

1. A weight-loss aid

Yes, you can seriously use cannabis to help you lose weight. Many people with eating disorders use marijuana to help regulate their appetite, and it can be also used to regulate your metabolism. This, of course, will need to work in concert with other measures — specifically, following a proper diet and getting enough exercise. But if you need help managing your appetite, cannabis can help.

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