16 Reasons Your Co-Workers Don’t Like You

co-workers arguing

co-workers arguing Sometimes co-workers don’t get along. |

So the new guy got the promotion, huh? You’ve been there longer and have definitely put in your dues. So what gives? Well, no offense, but you’re probably to blame. Difficult, headstrong people often struggle at work because they’re vying for time, attention, and seniority while also tackling the standard professional obstacles. What they fail to realize is this directly undermines themselves.

Once you’ve worked at a job for a while, there might come a point when one of your co-workers — or more than one — doesn’t like you very much. It’s not pleasant, but it does happen. You might be confused by the dislike, but more than likely you’re doing something that’s contributing to the friction. We came up with a list of possibilities to help you shed some light on the situation. Here are some reasons why your co-workers are giving you the eye roll and whispering behind your back.

1. You’re not a team player

Team Captain America: Civil War

Team Captain America: Civil War Team work gets it done. | Marvel

Learning to work well with others is vital to your career success. If all you think about is yourself and your advancement, you’ll be met with plenty of resistance along the way. Make your workplace more pleasant by being more cooperative. One day you’ll need someone’s help, so start being more mindful of how you treat others. Why would someone want to help you if you were never there when it mattered most?

Next: You’re not on time.

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