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16 Secrets Walmart Shoppers Need to Know

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Walmart store Walmart is a store of many secrets. | iStock.com

Regardless of whether you hate or love Walmart, it’s safe to say if you’re shopping there then saving money is your main goal. The big box store is known for its deals on groceries, clothing, and home goods — not to mention the occasional steal in the electronics or toy section.

According to Statistic Brain, 90% of Americans live within 15 minutes of a Walmart store. The site estimates consumers spend $36.7 million every hour of the day at Walmart locations worldwide — likely the reason the company reported 2016’s revenue at $485.9 billion.

Of course, many shoppers don’t care how much Walmart makes in a year, as long as more of their own paychecks stay in their wallets. And low prices become even lower with a few insider tricks. Let’s take a look at some Walmart secrets we all need to know to save money, including finding dollar deals and knowing when the major discounts happen.

1. Use coupons to get you cash


coupons Coupons can become credits on your order. | iStock.com

Even if you refuse to be the crazy coupon shopper anywhere else, it pays to use them at Walmart. The chain is one of the few companies that allow you to keep excess money off and credit it toward the rest of your order.

For example, if you buy an item on sale at $3.05 with a $4-off coupon, you can keep the balance of $0.95 and put it toward the rest of your purchases. Most other stores don’t allow that perk — so take advantage of it if you see quality coupons. If you don’t get a circular, check online for coupons and Walmart-centric deals at places, including Coupons.com, I Heart the Mart, and Passion for Savings. Passion for Savings also notes the store posts special deals through social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, so it can be helpful to pay attention to any special offers there, too.

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