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16 Worst Cities in America for Retirement

Many people feel inadequately prepared for retirement, and a relocation to a community that stretches your dollar and satisfies your soul might be in order. Forty-seven percent of Americans are willing to move once they ditch the corporate confines. But where to?

You might not want to surround yourself with 20-somethings in Austin or Seattle or put down roots in a Wyoming ghost town. You want to meet somewhere in the middle — say, Orlando, the city WalletHub ranked as the best retirement locale in 2016.

When it comes to retirement relocation, there’s an endless array of options. We’ve already covered the absolute worst states to retire in, but that list tends to be a bit broad. Certain cities outshine others when it comes to cost of living, crime rates, walkability, taxes, weather, culture, and health care.

We combined rankings from WalletHub and Bankrate to give you a cheat sheet for worst retirement cities. Are you residing in one of these 16 cities?

16. Omaha, Nebraska

Downtown Omaha

Downtown Omaha Omaha has its steaks, but that won’t cut it for retirement. | iStock.com/f1monaco31

Besides the steaks, there’s not much benefit to a life of retirement in Omaha. The weather is just average, and the quality of life could use some sprucing up — just ask the truckers who drive sleepily through the state. Nevertheless, we’ll give credit where credit is due. WalletHub awards Omaha No. 11 best in the country health care, and Bankrate appreciates its affordability.

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