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17 Biggest Lies Your Real Estate Agent Might Tell You When Buying a Home

Finding a place to call home is a rite of passage, but a dishonest real estate agent can quickly ruin the experience. Buying a home is a massive financial transaction that could either be the most exciting time of your life — or the most stressful.

Sure, most people are happy with their real estate agents and they do often provided a needed service to people, but to safeguard against detrimental mistakes, we’ve gathered some examples of how a real estate agent might lie to you during the house hunt. For instance, some might tell you it’s best to buy a home in the summer. (That’s simply not true, but more on that later.) Here are 17 lies your real estate agent might tell you.

1. That wall probably isn’t load-bearing

real estate agent looks at wall

real estate agent looks at wall Your real estate agent isn’t a contractor. | iStock.com

Not every home will have traditional exterior walls that bear all the weight, so it’s unlikely a real estate agent knows whether that obtrusive wall in the kitchen really can be knocked down to achieve your desired open floor plan. It’s best to consult a professional before taking a sledge hammer — or a pen to the dotted line — on any home you’re interested in.

Next: Be wary of trendy neighborhoods.

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