Wedding season is quickly approaching, which means that soon enough you’ll have at least one (if not multiple) weddings to find a winning outfit for. As a wedding guest, you might have been told that there are a zillion dress codes that govern what to wear to one. Among them is an old adage that forbids wearing black to weddings—and we’re here to announce that such a “rule” is long gone. To many, this old-fashioned rule just isn’t relevant anymore. From formal, black-tie weddings to more casual ceremonies, there’s definitely a way to wear a classic black frock to the festivities.

So if you do choose to wear black to a wedding, make sure your look is in good taste. The key is to choose a black piece that’s festive, formal, and special enough to not be mistaken for funeral attire. And if you’re thinking of wearing a dress to the celebration, look for options that feature fabrics like lace, velvet, satin, or tulle. Want to see some lovely options? Keep scrolling to see our picks of wedding-appropriate black dresses and, of course, shop your favorite styles.

What minimalist dreams are made of.

You’ll have so much fun dancing the night away in this.

Metallic polka dots add the perfect amount of flash.

As flattering and classy as LBDs get.

TBH, this looks like it’d be so comfy.

Black, but far from boring.

We can never say no to florals when they’re mixed like this.

Make Reformation your first stop on the hunt for a wedding guest dress.

The ’90s called—they need you wear this simply-cut number.

This will look so amazing on.

Wait, we need this dress for wedding season and also for life in general.

Just so cool.

All the cool fashion girls will be wearing this.

These details though.

Wear with some strappy heeled sandals.

Cutouts are way underrated IMHO.

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