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17 Dog Breeds That Won’t Shed

Whether you have allergies or simply want to reduce the time you spend vacuuming, seeking out a low-shedding dog is a fantastic way to make sure you can enjoy Fido’s company to the fullest.

First, let’s clear up one common misconception: All dogs with any amount of hair shed, but some shed so little that it’s barely noticeable. Certain breeds have hair that’s well-tolerated by those with allergies. But it depends on your specific reactions, so proceed with caution.

Also, just because your pup doesn’t shed much doesn’t mean you can neglect basic grooming. Dogs who don’t shed need to be bathed, brushed, and trimmed regularly. Plus, they need their ears cleaned and nails clipped just like any other breed. Some low-shedding dogs actually require more grooming than their high-shedding cousins.

Low-shedding dogs come in all shapes and sizes and have all kinds of temperaments. If less vacuuming and more sneeze-free fun is what you’re after, then check out our top choices.

1. Yorkshire terrier

yorkshire terrier playing with a ball on a grass

yorkshire terrier playing with a ball on a grass Yorkshire terrier | iStock.com/yevgenromanenko

The lovable Yorkie is the ninth most popular dog breed in the country – and better yet, he’s not likely to shed all over your house. This sprightly, affectionate, enthusiastic breed is also generally healthy and is moderately active, so he’ll be happy with just a daily walk. Their coats may be long or short, but long coats will require regular brushing to keep the tangles at bay.

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