17 of the Best Foods at Costco You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen

Costco beckons bargain hunters across the United States with its aisles and aisles of bargains, sales, and supersized everything. The warehouse store makes it easy to stock up on kitchen essentials. And though you will find some foods that are a waste of money at Costco, many others are such great buys that you won’t find a better deal elsewhere. When it comes to value, taste, and versatility, these are the items you want in your Costco cart and on your pantry shelves.

Whether you’re a seasoned Costco shopper or are just beginning to consider whether a membership would be worth it, here are some of the best foods at Costco you should always have in your kitchen.

1. Bacon

Bacon pieces sitting in a cast iron skillet.

Bacon pieces sitting in a cast iron skillet. Bacon is one of the best buys at Costco. |

According to Consumer Reports, one of the best things to buy at Costco is the Kirkland Signature Regular Sliced Bacon. The publication’s taste testers loved this bacon’s crispness and “balance of fat and meat flavors.” Another great reason to like it? A 4-pound pack costs as little as $10 to $12, depending on your location. Consumer Reports explains, “That’s about $1.50 less per pound than what you’ll spend on leading name-brand bacons from our tests, none of which tasted as good.”

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