18 Best Foods You Should Always Buy at Trader Joe’s

We all love Trader Joe’s. The store is more fun to shop at than Kroger, Safeway, or Publix. And a cart full of groceries at Trader Joe’s won’t cost you nearly as much as it would at Whole Foods. You probably already know Trader Joe’s offers a few generic food items that taste better than name-brand. But those aren’t the only items you should stock up on the next time you find yourself at the store.

Check out some of the best foods you should always buy at Trader Joe’s. Whether they offer the best value, help to improve your diet, or just add something fun to grocery cart, these are the Trader Joe’s items you don’t want to go without.

1. Cheeses

Trader Joe's grocery store entrance with sign

Trader Joe's grocery store entrance with sign Trader Joe’s carries both domestic and imported cheeses. |

The Penny Hoarder reports if you love cheese, you should definitely check out the options available in the cheese case at your local Trader Joe’s. “From espresso-rubbed Bellavitano to triple-creme Brie, Trader Joe’s boasts lots of options. The store also frequently cuts its cheese wheels small enough that you can get a wedge for less than $5 — a nigh impossibility at my local Publix,” The Penny Hoarder explains. Plus, the store carries both imported cheeses and cheeses made in the United States. So you can try a wide variety of cheeses without breaking the bank.

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