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18 Foods and Drinks Anthony Bourdain Has Insulted

Anthony Bourdain eating

Anthony Bourdain eating Anthony Bourdain holds nothing back when he hates a food or drink. | Anthony Bourdain via Facebook

It’s no secret Anthony Bourdain has quite the history of insulting other chefs and their TV shows. Bourdain might be responsible for inspiring you to try new foods, including some foods that look good but taste terrible. But the sharp-tongued chef and Parts Unknown host has his limits. He might be up to try anything, but he won’t hold his punches if he really hates something. So perhaps unsurprisingly, he’s insulted plenty of foods and drinks over the years.

In an interview with Thrillist, Bourdain said, “I’m surprisingly accepting of these little trends … as part of a larger, positive process.” He added, “Every chef, for instance, does silly food at some point in their career or food that they maybe shouldn’t be doing. But I mean, that’s part of the learning process.” Despite that attitude, there are still plenty of food trends Bourdain just can’t wrap his head around.

Check out some of the foods and beverages Bourdain has insulted over the years.

1. Hollandaise sauce

Poached eggs benedict brunch

Poached eggs benedict brunch Bourdain isn’t shy about his disdain for hollandaise sauce and other brunch foods. | iStock.com/SoLeaux

Think even Bourdain couldn’t insult an entire category of meals? Think again. In an interview with Atlanta’s Creative Loafing, Bourdain revealed, “I don’t really eat breakfast. I’m a cup of coffee in the morning guy.” The morning of the interview, for instance, he “just had coffee and one of those horrible little health bars.”

And Condé Nast Traveler reports in his book Kitchen Confidential, Bourdain wrote brunch is “a dumping ground for the odd bits left over from Friday and Saturday nights.” He continues, “How about hollandaise sauce? Not for me. Bacteria love hollandaise. And nobody I know has ever made hollandaise to order. And how long has that Canadian bacon been festering in the walk-in? Remember, brunch is only served once a week — on the weekends. Cooks hate brunch.”