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18 Foods Banned Around the World

No two people have the same favorite foods. (Though lots of us do choose the same comfort foods.) But did you know some foods are so bad that the United States government — or governments around the world — have decided to ban them?

Americans eat many foods other countries have banned and vice versa. Some of these banned foods are unhealthy, or even dangerous, to eat. And the production of others endangers the animal populations involved. Other banned foods are just kind of weird. Curious about which foods are banned and why? We’ve collected some of the most interesting examples of banned foods, including some you’ve probably eaten more than once.

18. Haggis

haggis meal

haggis meal The U.S. forbids haggis. | iStock.com

The U.S. banned haggis back in 1971, according to the BBC. That’s when the USDA forbade sheep lung, one of the key ingredients of haggis, in food products. British politicians have repeatedly tried to get haggis back on American menus. Scotland’s national dish takes the form of a savory pudding. It contains the sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs. We admit haggis doesn’t sound all that appetizing, but clearly some Americans disagree. Just take Alton Brown, who offers his own recipe for the dish. (For the record, his recipe uses the tongue instead of the lungs.)

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