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18 of the Biggest Wastes of Money at Disney World

Thinking of hopping on a plane to Disney World for your next family vacation? Your kids might thank you — but your wallet definitely won’t. From overspending on subpar food to shelling out for overpriced souvenirs, there are plenty of obvious ways your wallet can take a hit at the happiest place on Earth. But you might also find yourself spending more than you expected if you buy unnecessary ticket options, travel during the wrong time of the year, or make the wrong choice of hotel.

Read on for some of the worst ways Disney visitors — both rookies and seasoned travelers alike — end up wasting their money at Disney World.

1. The Park Hopper Pass

family in a car

family in a car Most families probably won’t want to travel between parks each day. | iStock.com/monkeybusinessimages

If you go to Disney frequently and know what you want to see at each park, it can pay off to buy the Park Hopper Pass. But if not, you might want to save your money. As Undercover Tourist explains, Disney World’s base ticket option, called Magic Your Way, enables you to visit one of the four main parks — Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom — for each day of your visit.

A Park Hopper ticket, on the other hand, lets you visit multiple parks in the same day. But the Park Hopper Pass is a waste of money for Disney newbies or travelers with small children, who will usually find it overwhelming to get to more than one park in a day.

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