18 Types of People Who Should Not Own a Dog

Think you’re ready to own a dog? They make great pets. They’re adorable. They love to spend time with their humans, and they show affection in numerous ways. You can find a small dog if you live in the city or a big dog if you have more room to roam. Clearly, dogs are great. But what about you? Are you the kind of person who’s going to be a good dog owner?

Surprisingly enough, there are many types of people who really shouldn’t own a dog. Worried you’re one of them? Read on to learn about the kinds of people who don’t usually make good dog owners — and make sure you’re really ready to bring a puppy or an older dog into your home.

1. People who won’t take the time to properly train a dog

Puppy sitting on the floor

Puppy sitting on the floor Don’t have time for obedience training? Then, you probably shouldn’t own a dog. |

Dog training is difficult. It takes time. And it requires research into the methods that work best for different dogs in different settings. People who won’t take the time to properly train a dog probably shouldn’t own one. At best, you’ll end up with an unruly animal who doesn’t always respect the rules of your house. At worst, you’ll have a dog who doesn’t know his place within your family and doesn’t get along well with new people or other animals. It’s in everybody’s best interest to appropriately train your dog. That takes time (and perseverance). Anyone who doesn’t have the time or tenacity for obedience training probably should not own a dog.

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