18 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Healthy Meals

If you grew up eating the typical American diet, figuring out how to eat healthy gets complicated. Added sugar and salt abound in just about anything you can buy at the grocery store. Just buying fresh fruits and veggies doesn’t guarantee you the best nutrition. Plus, if you aren’t careful, you might accidentally choose the wrong way to cook ingredients in otherwise healthy meals.

Want to eat healthy, feel better, and maybe even lose some weight? Read on to check out some of the ways your cooking or grocery shopping might be sabotaging what you thought were healthy meals.

1. Boiling your vegetables

Broccoli boiling in a pot

Broccoli boiling in a pot Steaming veggies is better than boiling. |

If you want to maximize the nutritional value of your fresh vegetables, put the stockpot away, and refrain from boiling them. Steaming your veggies leaves more of their essential nutrients intact, while boiling them strips away many of the beneficial vitamins and compounds that make them so healthy to eat in the first place. Plus, boiling your vegetables is more likely to leave you with limp broccoli and soggy carrots than steaming is.

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