20 Longest Lasting Cars on the Road in 2017

2012 Ford Expedition

2012 Ford Expedition An iSeeCars study on vehicle longevity showed big American cars leading the pack. | Ford

How long is “forever” for a car or truck? It wasn’t long ago that a vehicle hitting 150,000 miles was considered a true warrior. However, standards keep getting higher. We have seen the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape Hybrids steam past 300,000 miles with regularity. Nowadays, a car needs to surpass 200,000 miles just to enter the conversation.

Luckily, if that mark is the new standard, used car buyers have options. In a March 2017 study, identified all the cars with at least 200,000 miles on the odometer that have changed hands over the previous year. Sorting through over 13 million cars from the 1981 model year on, the auto research company singled out the ones with the most high-mileage units. As long as it was still in production and sold in any volume, a car was fair game.

In a bit of a surprise, American-made SUVs dominated the list. They may not be fancy and will definitely guzzle gas, but the crop of large vehicles offers used car buyers affordable, safe options for years to come. Here are the 20 longest lasting cars on the road in 2017.

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