A lot of people probably assume that giving credit cards to college kids is a recipe for trouble, and many students are no doubt among them. But if you ask a diverse sample of college students about their understanding and usage of credit cards, as WalletHub did, the results may just surprise you – in a good, reassuring way.

WalletHub conducted a nationally representative survey of college students, asking about everything from how they’d grade their financial know-how to which spending categories they most want bonus credit card rewards for. You can check out the results in the following infographic.

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What types of purchases do you want to earn the most rewards on?
Groceries 45%
Travel 18%
Dining 17%
School supplies 9%
Entertainment 9%
Alcohol 2%
Would your parents approve of your credit card purchases?
Yes 86%
No 14%
Would your friends make fun of your credit card transactions?
No 81%
Yes 19%
Do you spend more, less or the same amount as the average student?
Average 51%
Less 25%
More 24%
Do your parents help pay your credit card bills?
No 65%
Yes 35%
Would you show your significant other a detailed list of your credit card transactions?
Yes 88%
No 12%
What grade would you give your personal finances?
B 43%
A 26%
C 22%
D 6%
F 3%
What grade would you give your knowledge of credit cards?
B 38%
C 30%
A 23%
D 8%
F 1%
Are credit cards free money?
No 86%
Yes 14%
Would you rather miss a credit card payment or miss a party?
Party 86%
Payment 14%
Do students need a bank account?
Yes 95%
No 5%
Are banks more pro-student or anti-student?
Pro-student 56%
Anti-student 44%
Do you consider yourself a spender or a saver?
Saver 60%
Spender 40%
How good are your grades?
Good 69%
Average 28%
Bad 3%

Note: Percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.

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