Mother holding young son looking into eachother' || chr(39) || 's eyes and smiling.

Parents know that kids say the most hilarious, adorable and truly original things. So it makes sense that they’d want to keep record of these standout quotes.

That’s the idea behind the app LittleHoots, which allows parents to record and archive the amazing things their kids say. LittleHoots founder Lacey Ellis shared some kid recent highlights from the app, which surely won’t disappoint.

Without further ado, here are 23 funny, delightful and totally bizarre quotes from kids.



23Quotes From Kids


22Quotes From Kids


21Quotes From Kids


20Quotes From Kids


19Quotes From Kids


18Quotes From Kids


17Quotes From Kids


16Quotes From Kids


15Quotes From Kids


14Quotes From Kids


13Quotes From Kids


12Quotes From Kids


11Quotes From Kids


10Quotes From Kids


9Quotes From Kids


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5Quotes From Kids


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3Quotes From Kids


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1Quotes From Kids

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