25 Badass Military Vehicles at Work in the U.S. Armed Forces

Abrams Main Battle Tank

Abrams Main Battle Tank There are many awe-inspiring American military vehicles defending the country’s interests abroad. | Dept. of Defense

U.S. defense spending topped a whopping $612 billion in 2016. For many people, that level of commitment to the military is worth it to keep America and its interests safe. On the other hand, critics of military spending see better ways to invest that money, including domestic concerns.

Wherever you stand on the defense budget, nearly everyone agrees the U.S. sends out an awe-inspiring military every year. The vision of planes landing on an aircraft carrier stirs citizens of most political bents, and the capabilities of land-based vehicles tend to inspire curiosity in almost everyone.

If the latest tanks, troop-haulers, and patrol machines on wheels interest you, we have you covered. Here are 25 of the most badass military vehicles in use by the U.S. armed forces.

1. M117 Guardian

Soldiers look out of the top of an M117 Guardian.

Soldiers look out of the top of an M117 Guardian. M117 Guardian | Dept. of Defense

When forces need something more armored than a Humvee but still require significant mobility, the M117 Guardian goes into action. This 15-ton vehicle runs on a Cummins diesel engine (260 horsepower, 828 pound-feet of torque) and reaches a top speed of 65 miles per hour. To keep enemies at bay, the Guardian accommodates two types of machine guns and an automatic grenade launcher. Textron Marine and Land Systems produces this model.

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