25 Baseball Players Who Were Caught Cheating

Yadier Molina smiles on the field.

Yadier Molina smiles on the field. Yadier Molina found himself in a sticky situation when he was caught cheating. | Jeff Curry/Getty Images

Cheating. It’s prominent in all sports, but probably most of all in baseball. There are several ways to do it, whether it involves scuffing up a baseball to make it move, using a foreign substance on the ball, corking a bat, or stealing signs and relaying them to the batter. When it comes down to it, a ton of players have been caught cheating in some form or another — it doesn’t matter if you’re a pitcher or a hitter.

Recently, St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina was caught with a sticky substance on his chest protector when the ball somewhat amazingly bounced in the dirt and stuck to him. No punishment was handed down, because a catcher having pine tar or something similar on his equipment isn’t against the rules — as long as he’s not using it on the ball, which officials could not determine. However, we went back and looked at 25 players who were caught breaking the rules.

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