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25 Strangest Cars Ever Invented

Red BMW Isetta parked on grass

Red BMW Isetta parked on grass BMW Isetta | Micah Wright/Autos Cheat Sheet

Strangest cars

For most people with modest salaries, cars function more as practical tools than as highly-stylized artistic creations. However, the history of auto manufacturing is chock full of oddities, ranging from the ambitious to the beautiful to the mind-bogglingly impractical. Especially in the early days of the automotive industry, many famous and obscure car designers took inspiration from airplanes, submarines, and even James Bond films to craft cars that defied the imagination.

Many of the vehicles were merely concepts that never became mass-produced and accessible to the general public. Yet, even the vehicles that were unrealistic and scantly produced introduced revolutionary concepts that became staple design elements of future cars. Features such as back-up cameras, T-Roofs, and electric power were all present in niche car models years before they became widespread.

Here are 25 of the strangest cars ever invented, each with their own unique story.