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25 Things You Should Never Ask Your Server

characters at Central Perk on "Friends"

characters at Central Perk on "Friends" Want to get on your server’s good side? These are the questions you should never ask, whether you’re at a coffee shop like Central Perk on Friends or an upscale restaurant. | Comedy Central UK

We all like going out to dinner, but restaurants are hectic places. And it’s easy to be unintentionally rude to your server, which basically guarantees you won’t get the best service. Servers, like flight attendants, will be a lot happier if you avoid asking rude questions.

Treating your server well is a great way to be polite, of course. But it also ensures that your glass won’t go empty for long. It means you’ll get the lowdown on the best specials on the menu. And it’s essential if you want to become a restaurant regular. Here are some things you should never ask your server, no matter how long you waited for your table.

1. Can we move to a different table?

A woman speaks while the other is drinking

A woman speaks while the other is drinking Servers usually cover specific tables, so moving could cause them to lose tips. | iStock.com/lorenzoantonucci

When they come in for a shift, servers are assigned a section of the restaurant. They also work hard to earn tips from the tables they cover. So if you ask halfway through your meal to move to a different table, you might also switch servers — and cause your first waiter or waitress to lose out on a tip they deserve. Plus, switching tables even at the beginning of a meal can create workflow issues for the restaurant’s staff. Just sit where the host puts you.

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