25 Timeless Cars That Revolutionized the Auto Industry

Ringbrothers's 1969 "G-Code" Camaro

Ringbrothers's 1969 "G-Code" Camaro Ringbrothers’s 1969 “G-Code” Camaro | Ringbrothers

Modern car manufactures pour millions of dollars into new models made to dazzle consumers. However, sometimes the greatest vehicles are the ones from bygone eras that continue to captivate our imaginations. Classic cars have become embedded into cultures around the world. Mid-20th century Americana evokes pictures of beefy muscle cars while ’60s London summons images of stylish Jaguars roaming the streets.

Truly classic cars featured design innovations from the fanciful to the practical, each one wielding a significant amount of influence on auto manufacturers. Other legendary cars featured performance milestones as lauded car makers from Enzo Ferrari to Ferruccio Lamborghini raced to build the fastest vehicle.

Here is a list of 25 timeless cars that revolutionized the auto industry and forever hold a place in the minds of car lovers everywhere.

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