28 Historical Snapshots of the Chevrolet Corvette

Corvette generations 1953-2015

Corvette generations 1953-2015 Corvette generations 1953-2015 | Chevrolet

You can love ’em or hate ’em, but there’s one thing that’s indisputable: No other car occupies the same space as the Chevrolet Corvette. Porsche 911 guys can scoff, and Ford guys can be jealous, but the truth is, for 66 years and counting, the Corvette has been the only car that’s been able to hold onto its claim as America’s sports car. Today, it’s an institution seemingly as prestigious as Chevrolet itself. And like the Bowtie Brand, it’s experiencing a renaissance that recalls the glory days of yore while still moving headlong into the future.

The current C7 Stingray is a gem: fast, good-looking, thoroughly modern, and even reliable and economical. It can also be optioned as anything from a fast, comfortable cruiser to a red-hot supercar-killer, and with a few exceptions, driven home for well under six-figures. Try that with a 911 or Ford GT.

But it wasn’t always this way; we love ‘Vettes, but there have been some pretty awful ones over the years. There have also been some pretty interesting twists and turns along the way. So warts and all, we’ve put together a detailed timeline of Corvette history, and while it may not be the most comprehensive one out there (you could fill a small library with books on the ‘Vette), here’s a look look at the Plastic Fantastic, America’s Sports Car, the Corvette.

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