3 Great Feng Shui Colors for the Bedroom

3 Great Feng Shui Colors for the Bedroom

Red is a great color to use in the bedroom for better Feng Shui. It is a color that evokes love, passion and compassion in ourselves and toward others. It allows us to embrace the love we are receiving and to seek it out in our everyday lives. Red is a powerful color that should be used in combination with other colors that promote harmony. Red is a fire element color. It is not a great wall color, as it can be too overwhelming and is best used for bedroom accents and decor.

Green is a wonderful color to stimulate balance, energy, growth, abundance, vitality and tranquility. The use of green in the bedroom enhances knowledge, promotes better health, increases prosperity and contributes to a sense of peacefulness. Variations of this color can be used as a lively wall color, in art pieces, paintings and bedroom decor. Green is an earth element color that represents nature and serves as inspiration for new beginnings.

Blue is a calming water element color that symbolizes flowing abundance. The use of blue represents purity, ease, healing, inspiration, knowledge, prosperity and renewal. This color contributes to feelings of security and trustworthiness, while also signifying dependability. Different shades of blue are most effectively used as wall color, bedroom decor and in paintings and art pieces.

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