4 Exciting Towns in the World You Should Visit

NorwayA typical traveler thinks of the most famous places to visit whenever they are about to embark on a vacation. That is the regular traveler. On the other hand, there is the particular type that will dig deeper to discover rare places; where fresh cow dung rents the air and wild game coexists with people. Again, caves lie naturally in dense moss cover, century-old art hangs on aged walls, and places where the only machines known are donkey carts.

If you are lucky to be one, this post reveals 4 such mesmerizing small towns that you probably never heard of; and might consider visiting.

Cala Dogana, Levanzo, Italy

This is an island to the south of Levanzo. Visit the place for peace and relaxation. The island stands amidst crystal-clear blue waters on which hundreds of fishing boats rest. High cliffs rise from the shores, providing exquisite walking areas into several caves with paintings aged about 12,000 years. Enjoy fresh, cheap seafood combined with unique sceneries of all-white houses.

Ranikhet, Uttarakhand, India

Here, flora and fauna exceed your imaginative capacity. Relaxation and tranquility are in abundance. As you approach the small town, expect surprise greetings from deer, mountain goats, porcupines, and hares. If you choose to stay at the cottages reserved for travelers here, you will be mesmerized by the scent of fresh air secreted by surrounding orchards. The sight of well-kept goal courses as well as deodar and pine forests in the distance complete the hypnotizing cycle.

Manarola, Italy

Manarola is one of the most natural towns you will ever visit, where nature and man coexist peacefully. The small town floats on a hill next to the Ligurian Harbor on the Ligurian Sea. From a distance, hundreds of small similar-looking houses with many doors and windows are seen. They intermix with green bushes- not just bushes- but vineyard patches. The town is so small that only one Medieval-style church serves the people. Again, there is a shower built on rocks to add to the fun. The sea around Manarola is perfect for deep-water swimming. A railway tunnel runs through the hill.

Reine, Norway

Tucked deep in the Lofoten Archipelago is an incredible fishing town, Reine. To the few that know it, it is one of the most stunning beauty, calm, and serene places on earth. Atop the archipelago, one catches a magical view of red and white fisherman houses mingled with natural green landscapes. Looming over the small clusters of houses are volcanic-rock hills that vary in size and green cover. People kayak here, spot birds, ride bikes, or watch whales. In September up to April, the aurora borealis is visible when the night sky is clear. In the other months, however, you can camp under irresistible starry skies on the beaches. Who can resist such?

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