Simply on the grounds that something is legitimate, does that mean you need to isn’t that right? That is the issue at the center of the YouTube feature “My Homemade 40W LASER SHOTGUN!!!!!”

Spoiler alarm: It’s just as epic as its trail of shout focuses proposes. 22-year-old Drake Anthony, who posts features on YouTube as styropro, has assembled a really amazing laser shotgun.

“There’s no, horrible explanation behind anyone to own something this effective,” Anthony clarifies in the feature. “But since it wasn’t illicit for me to manufacture, I chose to fabricate it anyways.”Look at that pillar!

As Anthony illustrates, the weapon can blast a few inflatables and light wood and paper ablaze in the matter of seconds.

He even begins a little substance fire in his carport, in light of the fact that he is the laser head and what he says is law:

Anthony has a past filled with insane manifestations, including a “natively constructed passing beam laser automaton bot” and, obviously, a custom made lightsaber.