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5 Best Leggings You Can Buy for Under $20

Leggings have marched their way right into many a female’s daily fashion vocabulary. They’re cool, comfortable, easy, and can often be stylistically maneuvered to match up with practically anything in an ensemble. Wear them with heels and a beautifully draped top and you are cocktail party ready; strip away the shoes and add a tank top and sports bra and you’re all set for yoga practice.

With a wealth of options out there, you may be thinking you have to spend an arm and a leg (or two) to get a good pair of leggings — you can, but you certainly don’t have to do so. We’ve rounded out the best pairs that a $20 bill can buy, and we think you’ll find at least a few styles on this list to love.

1. ASOS High Waisted 2 Pack Leggings – $14.84

Asos leggings

Asos leggings Leggings by ASOS are chic and affordable. | ASOS

You get two pairs in this pack, which makes them well worth the under $20 price tag. These basic black, stretch jersey leggings are high waisted and perfect for running errands on the weekend or lounging — they’re exactly what you need as a staple in your wardrobe. They have a close-cut, bodycon fit to highlight your assets, too. For just a little over $14, you’re getting a major steal.