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5 Core Exercises You Can Do With Just a Yoga Mat

Most of us think we need to head to the gym to get a good sweat session, but that’s really not true. In fact, many fantastic exercises can be performed anywhere. Sometimes, all you really need is a yoga mat, plus some ideas for moves you can do. This is where we can help. With this batch of moves, you can expect to strengthen your core, glutes, quads, and more. Grab a mat and get started.

1. Elbow plank with leg lift

man holding a plank exercise

man holding a plank exercise Planks are hard work. | iStock.com

To begin, get into a forearm plank position. Your elbows should be right underneath your shoulders and your legs extended straight, toes on the ground. Once you’re in this position, lift your right foot off the floor until it’s in line with your back, keeping your back flat and abs contracted. Hold this position for five seconds, then lower your leg back to the ground, and repeat on the opposite side. Continue alternating legs for one minute before taking a break.