5 Dangerous Tourist Destinations to Visit

SunsetGlobalization affects many aspects on the planet, including tourism. For instance, availability of flights to all parts of the globe and accessing information about any place make the world a small village. Traveling from the North to the South is as simple as riding from one town to the next. However, a limitation is also growing from the same: some places are fast emerging as dangerous places to visit.

Lest a tourist finds themselves in any of these hotspots, this post highlights 5 of the most dangerous tourist destinations as at 2015.

1. Dominican Republic

Once a haven of crystal-clear seas and incredible beaches, it is becoming a dangerous tourist destination. Since 2012, an average 40 tourists have been killed. The cops are unreliable they will solicit bribes from tourists or harass then upon reporting criminal acts.

2. Mexico

Following the murder of one-hundred and thirteen U.S. citizens in 2011 and thirty-two others in 2012, Mexico’s name on the favorite tourist destinations sank to the bottom. Also, increasing cases of gang violence, money laundering and drug trafficking complicate the situation. In more recent observations, highway robberies and carjacking have been on the rise. Poor Mexico!

3. Egypt

The home of the Pyramids, though unexpected to feature in this list, also appears in the list of dangerous tourist destinations. The tranquility that roams the desert is being replaced by frequent violent protests and increasing terrorism. Tourists are therefore restricted from taking photos of military facilities, police stations or public places.

4. India

Despite being culturally-rich and overly attractive to tourists, India is losing the popularity as a travel destination, especially to women. For instance, female tourists, as well as local women, are likely to be raped while in India. Statistics reveal that for every twenty minutes, a rape case is reported. The system of law is wanting too, making it even more complicated to try and obtain justice.

5. Brazil

Brazil is now rated amongst the states with the highest rates the world over. Between 2009 and 2012, rape cases shot up by 157 percent. Tourists are also kidnapped, robbed of their money and valuables, and then left free. Gunmen riding in cars or on motorcycles ambush people on highways. The police are not supportive either, as they seem outwitted by the criminals.

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