5 Great Tips to Amazing, Healthy Hair

Dark, thick, shiny, mermaid-worthy length, beautiful, and healthy hair; these are words that every woman would die to nickname her hair. They treasure their hair so much, and this is because it not only gives them unique identity but also doubles up as one of their most valuable possessions.

Dull, damaged, dry, or frail are hair attributes that affect many women today. Certain causes of these issues include improper care, use of harsh chemicals, and dependence on hair dye. All hope is not lost; these tips, if applied, will add all the incredible mentioned values to a woman’s healthy hair.

1. Hair should not be washed daily; rather, two to three times every week is enough. The problem with washing daily, especially with hard agents such as shampoo may destroy your hair’s chemistry. Hair has its vital natural oils that are secreted to protect and nourish it. In washing them away, the required balance is affected, leading to damage.

2. Knowing one’s type of hair is important in choosing the right agents to use on it. This means that if the hair is hard, it requires frequent conditioning. Again, curly hair is mostly fragile, and should not be exposed to extreme heat or harsh chemicals.

3. Massaging the scalp improves circulation of blood in the scalp. Good circulation aids in better detoxification, meaning less breakage and dandruff. A healthy scalp in turn encourages healthy growth of thick hair.

4. In as much as hot water may feel good on your skin and scalp, it gets destructive when too hot (above 38 degrees Celsius). Exposing the skin and scalp to heated water causes it to drain off its vital oils and dry up. When this happens, tangles form and lead to breakage.

5. Beyond the physical, and a fact most ladies are unaware of; the type of food that one eats determines the quality of their hair. Top cosmeticians reveal that eating fish such as mackerel and sardine boosts hair growth. This is because they contain the very essential omega-3 fats. Yogurt has Vitamin B5, which enhances hair growth by improving blood circulation. Finally, spinach contains essential nutrients such as Vitamins A and C, iron, folate, and beta-carotene. Collectively, they prevent hair breakage by moisturizing it.

After this post, one can only blame themselves for anything less than incredible healthy hair!

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