5 Impressive Health Sex Benefits

Sex remains on the list of the hottest topics discussed by humans. “Hot” in the sense that everyone: religious, young, old, learned, male, female, secular and disabled can hardly ever go a day without thinking or talking about it. Sex is mostly portrayed as something shameful, evil, or wrong. Well, this depends on many factors, ranging from age to culture and law amongst others.

Assuming that it occurs at the right place at the right time, sex benefits are numerous but only a few may know. Here are five:


Sweating, faster pulse, and deeper breathing are something shared by sex and exercise. They burn calories, tone muscles and open up a channel to more health benefits. During sex, an average five calories are consumed per minute. Regular sex, therefore, is regular exercise.


The fact that partners feel good during intimacy (foreplay included) supports a scientific fact: that sex improves moods. The arousal itself benefits the body by activating secretion of brain chemicals that improve the communication system. Nature assumes that you need a good mood, bright voice, courage and energy to earn a mate. This explains why we are hyperactive just before sex. Sex also contributes to improved self-esteem.

Prostate Cancer

Men have a reason to have more sex: it cuts the risk of developing prostate cancer! In recently published studies, it was found that men that have at least 21 orgasms a month stood lower risks of prostate cancer. Orgasm in this case referring to ejaculation from any stimulation: sex or masturbation.

Heart Attack

This is the second killer disease one can avoid by having sex regularly. The exercise effect of sex boosts the heartbeat. In so doing, testosterone and estrogen levels increase in the body. Also, the chances of clogged arteries restricting blood flow reduce significantly. Two times a week is a dose enough for this.

Better Sleep

Tiredness is not the cause of sleep after sex, scientists reveal. During an orgasm, humans release prolactin, a hormone responsible for causing sleepiness and relaxation. As such, sex doubles up as a potential cure for insomnia.

You better be turned on already: all these sex benefits are just an orgasm away!

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